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Babin says that the Octo is the ideal vehicle to accomplish this complicated feat of engineering when Babin decides to go thin. The lookexpresses Octo's future. When people think ultra-thin, we want to be the first brand to come to their minds. Finissimo is a round watch with a lot of personality. It's not easy to make a watch this thin.

It is important to be able to appreciate the Ferrari's V12 engine, which produces 700hp, when you are considering buying one. It doesn't matter if it's ugly or boring. The salesperson will talk endlessly about how powerful the engine is, but the buyer won't care. If people love the design and trust the brand, you're halfway there. Itell clients that the Finissimo is thinnest watch in the world, and they are thrilled. But it would be harder the other way. It is important Breitling Replica Watches to balance aesthetic and mechanical perfection. However, design will always be more appealing than mechanics.

Automated Response

The Finissimo was launched as a self-winding version in 2017. This is the world's thinnest automatic, at just 68g. It set a new record, but also presented its own challenges. Babin says that a standard rotor can increase the movement's thickness by up to three times. This is not possible. A peripheral rotor would have increased the diameter. We couldn't accommodate it within the existingFinissimo Case. It would have made the watch larger by 3mm, or so making it 45-46mm. It wouldn't work if the watch were thinner or wider. We had to preserve the delicate balance of the manual-wind Finissimo Case because those proportions were ideal.

Babin and his team chose to use a microrotor. It is thicker than a regular rotor but has a smaller diameter, so it can fit within a narrow platform. The volumetric mass of the micro-rotor had to be greater than the normal rotor. Otherwise, the wrist movement would not have enough rotation. This was why it was difficult to calculate the weight and find the best materials. In the end, platinum was chosen. Because the micro rotor was smaller than the 40 components of the manual-winding motor,Replica Rolex Cellini watches the movement needed to be redesigned.

Buonamassa confirms, "It was indeed challenging." We started thinking about the watch three year ago. The movement of the Petite Seconde was our starting point. This meant that we had to first create an oscillating mass in order to keep the watch slim. We developed the micro-rotor in platinum to make it very heavy once we had settled on it. We moved on to the other details only after it was tested by machine and on the wrist. We were under pressure to create a beautiful, functional watch that did not break any records. We have indeed made the world's thinnest automatic watch, but this is not because it was necessary for advertising or publicity.

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