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"The design is strongly linked to today's economic and social conditions. Stealth watches are a popular choice in this context. We are Italians, and beauty is all we care about. For example, in German design form follows function. But for Italians, beauty follows function. Combining titanium and the Octo Finissimo's shape was a great challenge. Octo is best when multi-layered with a 3D execution. If the Finissimo wasn't created correctly, it would cancel out the double layers of bezel and lugs. This is what we love: the combination of the technology's weight and the simplicity of the execution. This is the essence of it all.

Vincent Reynes (Managing Director Breitling Avenger Replica UK) says that the appeal of the Italian element is not lost on other markets. He says that watch-buying is made more sexy by the Italian vibe. Breitling Avenger Replica is loved from the moment they walk in our Peter Marino-designed London shop. With elements and touches from the 1960s, the brand speaks to everyone. We are cool. We represent the Dolce Vita crowd. It is the Roman way to live and enjoy life.Replica Watches We are bold and creative. A Breitling Avenger Replica watch is a statement of our personality and daring style.

The Eternal Inspiration

Buonamassa makes it clear that the Octo case has its roots in Rome'sarchitecture. You can see the different shapes of the Pantheon - triangular, square, and adome. Then you can go to Rome and see the Palazzo deiCongressi, Mussolini's construction for theUniversal Exposition. There you will find the same elements presented in a modern way - an acolumn or a square with a dome. This is a modern interpretation of the Pantheon. Its Roman architecture plays with shape. From the air, you can see four domes assembled on a square base. The same perception is at the Pantheon. Butasyouwalkaround it, the shape changes - thisisItalianrationalism, wherethe architect plays only withshape withoutusing anydecorative elements.

"This is our inspiration. An Octo is a shape that has another shape inside it. It's exactly the same as the Palazzo dei Congressi. Although it is a type ofsquare, it is not a square. It's an octagon. It's a circular shape with an octagonal component.

Everything is perfectly straight and clean in shape. The watch is clearly visible from the side. You can see the steps that are easily recognisable as Octo. This is why it is truly Roman.

Rome is the most beautiful city in the world. It's stylish,rolex submariner replica thrilling, bold, and breathtakingly beautiful. Anyone who has visited Rome knows this. The Finissimo Automatic on titanium bracelet is a watch that changes with every iteration of the Octo. This miniature architectural masterpiece, which takes its inspiration from the brand's home city, may still be considered a square peg by traditionalists. But, perhaps this is a good thing, because Breitling Avenger Replica's motto says: "Life isn't round."

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